Melanesian Women Today is an International Non-Profit that works with women and girls in the Melanesian region of the South Pacific to become leaders and conscious key agents of change in areas of education, health and entrepreneurship.

Our programs are designed and contextualized from a Melanesian approach by the women and girls from the rural communities. The women retain full ownership of all programs and operate autonomously. Their solutions to local issues are designed to be innovative, sustainable, and impactful at the systemic and root levels of social and cultural issues.

Like anywhere in the world, women in Melanesia are crucial contributors to society and perceived as those who hold families and communities together. As protectors, practitioners, and nurturers of Melanesian cultures, we view their role in relation to their families and communities and to the environment as adding value to the work that we do. That work is to retain the integrity of the social, cultural, economic, and political characteristics that are distinct to each of the Melanesian countries that we work within. We do this without adding or taking away what is inherently theirs.

At MWT, we see the enormous potential of women to become leaders of their environments and community's betterment. MWT works to create a safe environment where all women and girls have the chance to pursue their own dreams and aspirations and turn them into something impactful in their own community.

 The challenge
While there is a strong emphasis on women’s empowerment and an increase in the number of women entering the formal economic sphere throughout Melanesia, they continue to face gender disparities on many levels - institutional, legal, and a regulatory environment that continues to disadvantage them. Despite the fact that women are considered protectors, practitioners, nurturers, and guardians of traditional knowledge, they are regularly excluded from decision-making, and rarely engaged for training, development, or economic opportunities and politics.

A Pacific region where every Woman, Girl and Child in their respective communities in Melanesia leads a productive, healthy, and fulfilling life.

To improve the well-being and quality of life and also to promote leadership in Women and Girls in their communities.

Three Core Values:
In the attempt to improve the well-being and quality of life of women, girls, and families wherever we work, all our programs have at their foundation 3 essential pillars.

  1. Empower Women and Girls as Key change agents.

  2. Empower Women and Girls as Key agents to activate and mobilize individuals in their communities to build self reliance.

  3. Empower women and girls as key agents to engage and forge effective partnerships with their local government and community leaders.

Our Approach
Our projects throughout Melanesia are based on innovative holistic approaches, which empower women and girls living in rural villages to become the agents of change to achieve productive, healthy, and fulfilling lives through access to Education, Health, and Entrepreneurship.


  • Literacy

  • Library

  • STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math)


  • Improving the quality of Rural Health Care

  • Preventative care for women and children

  • HIV and AIDS

  • Climate Change


  • Empowering women through social entrepreneurship

  • Community Development