Vanuatu Mama’s English Class



Founded in September 2014


The VMEC plans to start classes in villages all over Vanuatu. It is our vision that there will be at least one book in every home, a good student reading that book and confident parents helping that child to become the leader they were meant to be.


The VMEC is an adult literacy program designed to educate and empower women in order to reach the family and community as a whole. On this page you will find posts in both English and Bislama two of the three official national languages of Vanuatu.


The VMEC is an adult literacy program focused on empowering women. Using games, songs and stories the VMEC encourages the whole family to participate in literacy learning. We are currently preparing for our third session. After having completed two smaller session with 23 women we are now ready to expand the program to gather an appropriate sample size to determine the validity and direction of the program. The first and second VMEC graduates are still extremely active with the organization and are currently working on two projects for VMEC the first community literacy awareness programs and a the second organizing teachers assistant program in the local kindergarten. The graduates are still using information learned in class to support their children and grandchildren at home.