Friends of the Nation Youth

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Championing Change, Changing Lives, Changing Communities.

Mission Statement:

Friends of the Nation is a group of young people whose mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals through education and health services.
Our work is to develop young Leaders with good moral values by creating an educational environment that stimulates creative mindset in all the communities and islands of Vanuatu.

We pursue this mission through an integrated, holistic commitment by:

Transformational Development: Strengthening community development projects through literacy.

Communication: Promote engagement and dialog between communities that results in communities having a strong sense of control over their environment.

Productive Trainings: Empowering young leaders to be educational assets within the communities.


Mitigate Illiteracy in Vanuatu by developing a strong educational environment through books and other forms of information technology. Together we build a healthier, a wealthier, a more developed, a safer, and a more inclusive society.

Current Project Outcomes

Outcome 1 - Build a library on the island of Mataso

Outcome 2 - Train a librarian to staff the library

Outcome 3 - Build capacity for literacy programs