Our Program Model

Melanesian Women Today seeks out existing programs in communities that want to grow into an organization but do not know how to formally create a non profit organization. Programs can take advantage of being part of Melanesian Women today by receiving fundraising and grant help, banking, accounting and record keeping, legal advice, reporting, and consulting as well as professional development which are all offered because of MWT’s non profit status.

All programs are designed and contextualized from a Melanesian approach. The programs retain full ownership and operate autonomously. Program solutions to local issues need to be innovative, sustainable, and impactful at the systemic and root levels of social and cultural issues.



1. What is your Program About?

Tell us what your program is about and how long it has existed.


2. Do you have 10-20 Members?

All programs have to have at least 10 or more members to be considered a program under MWT.

3. Do you have a Committee and a Chairperson?

Each program needs to have a committee and a chairperson.

4. What is your Mission and Goals?

Tell us your program’s mission and goals.


5. How Do We Work Together?

Each program will have an MOU (memorandum of understanding) which is a formal agreement for how the program and Melanesian Women Today can work together.

Interested in bringing your program to Melanesian Women Today?