Our Team


Dr. Mere moTari-muramura Sovick

Founder and Executive Director

Mere Sovick is the Executive Director of Melanesian Women Today since 2012 and under her leadership and vision, MWT is now registered in Seattle, Washington in the US and in Port Vila, Vanuatu. First indigenous Ni-Vanuatu woman to earn a doctorate in the United States of America and one of only a handful of women scholars with a doctorate degree in Vanuatu, Mere’s journey to Dr. Sovick has been circuitous.

From Vanuatu, in the small village of Lavatu on the northern island of Pentecost where she grew up, to the capital city of Vanuatu, Port Vila, to a boarding school in New Zealand, and on a Maori Marae, her work as a journalist, Peace Corp Vanuatu language trainer, and U.S. student, has culminated in her dissertation being published in 2017 with the title, “Strategies Female Small Business Owners Use to Succeed in Business”. She brings to the team her extensive experience in running an organization and business for more than a decade and her background in academic research in international business. Known for being a powerhouse in strategic thinking and having a - ‘go big or go home attitude’; her strength in bringing together different cultural perspectives is what drives her to be passionate about making a difference in the lives of women, girls and children wherever she serves.


Amanda Bue Tavoa

Culture & Country Coordinator

Amanda Bue Tavoa is a trained tradeswoman turned community-based educational specialist. She brings to the team a wide range of experiences and knowledge. After completing her studies in community-based education at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji, she returned to Vanuatu and began a career in community development. Mrs. Tavoa has worked on a wide range of community development projects from faith-based programs, school age programs, youth programs and addressing violence against women programs by working with men who use violence to recognize their distructive behviour and learn to change their behviours towards their partners and families.

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Florence Bule

Program Manager

Florence Bule is a Ni- Vanuatu woman who is vibrant and is willing to work with communities by enlightening and empowering women and youth to see their value and understand their potential and capacity to be an agent of change. She has a unique ten year background in working in libraries which has developed her knowledge with a unique advantage for to develop libraries. She has experiences in WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) programs that reflects her capability to work under pressure with an open mind, especially when working in a challenging community context. Waste Management for economic improvement is also a bonus of her knowledge that drives her to support small businesses in communities. She is a fast learner and a multi skilled person with management experience.